Thermo Gloves from a Doctor´s viewpoint 

die Sicht des ArztesStaying outdoors for longer periods of time in temperatures customary to our latitudes in the winter has been argued to be the possible cause of common colds for a long time now. Meanwhile, we know that an extraction of body heat alone does not cause common colds however, it does cause changes in the body, which make the initiation of a common cold more probable. Research was carried out on whether cold can lead to changes in the immune system and several possible weak points were detected: On the one hand, the amount of ICAM-1 receptors is changed by cold, which are responsible for the adhesion of white blood cells, which belong to the immune system on a cellular level. On the other hand, cold has an inhibiting effect on the ciliated epithelium in the area of the respiratory system so that the cilia can no longer efficiently remove mucus and pathogenic germs from the respiratory tract due to the influence of cold air. Furthermore, the constriction of the small bronchial tubes based on cold air also promotes infections. Therefore, all of these studies suggest that the environmental influence of a cold environment has an impact on the development of infections.
Moreover, local cold in the area of the buttocks and bladder is considered to play a promotive role in the development of urinary passage inflammations whereby the Thermo Seat is accorded importance in the prevention of the same.
When sitting outdoors for longer periods of time in wintery temperatures, the already mentioned extraction of body heat can occur. This can be counteracted with a moderate heat supply. Incidentally, an application of the Thermo Seat must merely be advised against in the case of haemorrhoids because local heat can cause a dilation of the veins with a slower blood flow.  Those sensitive to cold and who do not suffer from these will know to appreciate the use of the Thermo Seat in low outdoor temperatures even when being outside for longer periods of time.


Dr. KommerDr. Werner Kommer

Specialist for Internal Medicine and cardiology
Wolkersdorf, Austria

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The Thermo Seat has 3 different temperature levels with 34 degrees C, 39 degrees C and 44 degrees C.


Did you know?

Local cold and moisture in the area of the buttocks and the bladder can cause or expedite the development of urinary tract infections. Physicians recommend a heated seat cushion to prevent such symptoms.

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